By Pass Rotameter, Inference Type Flow Meters, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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By Pass Rotameter

By Pass Rotameter
By-Pass Rotameter : It is an inference type flow meter. Because of the differential pressure, this is generated due to Orifice Plate; a branch of flow flows through the by-pass line. By measuring the flow from by-pass line we can estimate the flow through the Main Line.

Operating Principle
• By Pass Rotameter is an inference type Flow Meter.

• Differential pressure 'DP ' is created in the main flow by providing an Orifice
Plate in the main Pipe line.

• Because of this differential pressure a branch of flow moves through by- pass
line provided across the orifice plate from up- stream side to down -stream side
of Orifice Plate.

• An additional range orifice plate is provided in the by-pass line which is designed
such that flow through by –pass line (range orifice plate) flows in proportion with
the flow through main pipe line (Main Orifice Plate)
• Hence by measuring the flow from By-pass Line we can estimate the flow through
Main pipe Line


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