Reflex Level Indicators, Side / Top Mounted Level Indicator, Mumbai, India
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Reflex Level Indicators

It gives an accurate reading of liquid level; colorless liquid can be seen using the principles of light reflection and reflection through the special prism glass. Light striking the area of glass covered by the liquid is allowed to pass to the interior prof the gauge- this area appears black. Light striking the area of glass above the liquid is reflected black silver. The distinct line that separates the black and silver areas shows .
Reflex Level Indicators
• C.C. Distance: Upto 3.5 Mtrs using combination of different glass size as per BS 3463 / 1962.
• Connection:Flange; 15 to 50 NB.
• Temperature resistant heavy duty glasses.
• Specially designed for High Pressure and High Temperature.
• Hydrotest:1.5 x Opt. Pressure.
Type Of Reflex
Mounting: Side - Side/Top -Bottom
C/C Distance: To Mention
Visible length/ No. of section: To Mention
Service: To Mention
Op. pressure kg/Cm2g/temp. C/ Sp Gr: To Mention
Hydro test Pressure Kg/Cm2g: 1.5 times of Max Pressure
Process Conn. Flange size & rating: To Mention
Process Conn. Flange Material: To Mention
Material of Construction: Toughened Borosilicate Imported Kinger/Maxos/Indian make
Material of Construction: CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP/PTFE
Material of Cover Plate: CS to ASTM A-105 (Non whetted parts)
Valve Type/Design: Ball Check / Auto Shut -Off
Valve Body Material: CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP/PTFE
Valve Trim Material: SS 316
Vent/Drain connection: " NPT (F) with Plug (OR) To Mention
Material of bolts & nuts: SS 316 MS, EN-8, SS or to mention
Gaskets/seals: CAF, AF 120, PTFE
Line are engraved @ each 10 mm
Scale: Aluminum/Acrylic/SS Linear marking
Least count: 1 mm, 5 mm & 10 mm or to Mention
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