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Orifice Plate


Orifice Plate

Orifice Plate : Orifice Plate is most commonly used as a primary element for flow measurement in pipe line. Differential pressure is created when obstruction is placed in fluid flow, which is proportional to the square root of the flow rate. The flow measuring accuracy entirely depends upon the quality of Orifice plate and its installation. Orifice plates cover a wide range of application. It is a low cost device and having long life without regular maintenance.
  Types of Orifice Plates :
• Square Edge Cocentric Orifice Plate
• Eccentric Orifice Plate
• Segmental Orifice Plate
• Universal Orifice Plate
• Restriction Orifice Plate
• Multistage Orifice Plate
• Square Edge Co-centric Orifice Plate


Square Edge Co-centric Orifice Plate: Square Edge Co-centric Orifice Plate: These are most commonly used for flow measurement. This has special feature simple structure, high accuracy and easy installation. These Orifice Plates are recommended where Reynolds number range from 10000 to 10^7.


Eccentric Eccentric: These are used for liquid containing solid particles which are like to sediment or for vapors likely to deposit water condensate, this orifice plates are used with its eccentric bore at the bottom side so that sedimentation of such inclusions are avoided. For Gases and Vapors it may be installed with the eccentric bore at the top side to avoid stay of gas or vapor in its vicinity

• Segmental

Segmental Segmental: The bore of this type of orifice plates is a semi-circle. It used where solids are entertained in liquid or gas streams
• Quadrant Edge
Quadrant Edge Quadrant Edge: The inlet edge of the bore of this orifice plate is rounded to a quarter circle. This orifice plate is principally used for measuring flow rates of low Reynolds number (Between 2000 to 10000)
Restriction Orifice Plate
Restriction Orifice Plate Restriction Orifice Plate: These Orifice Plates are used for reducing fluid pressure. These orifice plates are slightly different from standard orifice plates.
Multistage Restriction Orifice Plates
  Multistage Restriction Orifice Plates: These orifice plates are used where single restriction orifice plates are not sufficient to reduce the pressure. There are situations where, while reducing the fluid pressure using single restriction orifice plate it may rise the velocity above sonic velocity which is not advisable. Therefore a series of restriction orifice plate is used which is called as Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Plate.

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